Named from the Swahili "to look for", Tafuta finds remotely how busy a venue or retail store is, including past historic data with minute by minute granularity allowing you to plan your footfall.

The software works with a simple JSON file with name of store, location and the time and our API responds with the required data. The software doesn't require any people counting hardware to be installed and works on any location around the world.

Know peak times for shopper footfall

Plan your stores stock and staff planning using proven data

Google analytics for bricks and mortar

Using our analytics data we can build you a report on historically when the most busy times for your shop were.

We use anonymous checkin data from all these devices

Unlike physical people counting hardware that can be prone to errors, we use publicly available data which is used to determine depth of footfall. We work with Google, Facebook and Foursquare. We number crunch over 220 million anonymised users location data to record and predict footfall patterns.

SaaS Pricing Plans

Our software is available to buy as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and we have 3 plans available on a simple monthly recurring plan. No upfront commitments, no upfront hardware costs. Sign up and you can immediately start getting live and historic footfall information.


Simple - £99 per month

Perfect if you have just one shop or venue


Multi - £150 per month

Designed for multiples that are expanding for example in the convenience sector


Multi-National - Call us

Our top tier plan ideal for national and global brands

Here’s some more things you’ll love.

Our technology and algorithms have been built from the ground up. We are a young agile company that can react to your business needs.


We use Unix infrastructure on x86 hardware. Our software is totally solid and offers over 99.99% SLA


Hop onto one of our higher tier plans and you will have 24/7 access to one of our field service engineers


Our software is surfaced through a RESTful API, and we will work with you to integrate our API or if not time critical we can provide data as a flat CSV file


Seeing is believing. Hop onto any of our plans and we will give you 1 month free.


Our mantra is think global act local. You will always get a response from us.

Presentation material

We can help take map and population density information and create graphics to show to your management team